I made the following changes to the config, deps and autoload in order to push all the assets directly into a github repository.

Why you should pay for CDN if you can use Github?


  1. [Php library] the library teqneers/PHP-Stream-Wrapper-for-Git registers a stream and commit to a repository each file that is moved throw the stream

  2. [Symfony2] Assetic bundle compresses and streams the files in your local repository, and twig render the raw.github url

  3. [Git-Hook] The Post-Commit hook will push to remote repository automatically

How To

Just 3 steps

Step 1 Install the library in your symfony2

In your deps file add the following lines, and then run bin/vendors install

Register namespace and register stream into app/autoload.php

‘/usr/bin/git’ is where your git binary are

‘php-git’ is the name of the stream

Step 2 Github or BitBucket Repository

  • Create Repo in the root /UsingGitHubAsAssetsCloudFiles


the public url of the repo will be www.github.com/liuggio/UsingGitHubAsAssetsCloudFiles,

your remote name is ‘origin’ and the branch is ‘master’

  • Add the Hook into the /UsingGitHubAsAssetsCloudFiles

create a file into ‘/UsingGitHubAsAssetsCloudFiles/.git/hooks/post-commit’

##Step 3 Config.yml and Assets

  • modify your app/config/config.yml in 2 different places
  • dump all the file for prod

app/console assetic:dump –env=prod

go to your symfony2 website http://yoursymfony2.com/web/app.php/hello/{YES}


Now github is hosting your assets (for free) and your web server is happy (and if your webserver is into the cloud you’ll not charged for assets )

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