The Internet is full of content, and sometimes filter them and find the most important article takes time.

I always wanted to make a list of great resources that are available online, who gave something to my professional growth.

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Symfony2 Ecosystem

2013 - william durand - ddd symfony2 folder structure and code first

ARTICLE - @couac wrote a lot of articles about best practices and methologies, his blog is a must to read for a PHP developer.

2013 - Dave Marshall - Silex: An implementation detail

VIDEO - An unexpected and very clear presentation on Domain Driven Design with Silex.

2013 - Marcello Duarte & Konstantin Kudryashov - The Framework as an implementation Detail

VIDEO - An introduction to the hexagonal architecture and Symfony2.

2013 - Benjamin Eberlei - Functional Testing with Symfony2

VIDEO - If I had seen this video in 2009, I would have spent the time to structure the test in a better way

2013 - Benjamin Eberlei - Decouple your application with (Domain-)Events

VIDEO - Decouple, decouple, decouple.

2012 - Create your own framework… on top of the Symfony2 Components - Fabien Potencier

ARTICLE - Instead of using these low-level components, you can use the ready-to-be-used Symfony2 full-stack web framework, which is based on these components… or you can create your very own framework. This series is about the latter.

PHP UK Conference 2014 - Mathias Verraes - Unbreakable Domain Models

VIDEO - Tutto il blog di Mathias è pieno di spunti.

About DDD or BDD or TDD

GoRuCo 2012 Hexagonal Rails by Matt Wynne

VIDEO - One of my favourite talk about Hexagonal architecture.

Domain Models and Composite Applications

VIDEO - In this talk, recorded at the DDD eXchange 2011, Udi Dahan explains the use of Bounded Contexts to turn previously monolithic systems into composite applications, now with multiple lean and mean domain models - a new perspective on DDD awaits.

CQRS/DDD by Greg Young

VIDEO - Unfortunately this video has a good sound, but it is a must.

Cucumber and testing through the UI

GOOGLEGROUPS - Some thoughts about testing against User Interface.

V.Vernon - Effective Aggregate Design Part II

VIDEO - this is the second part, Vaugh talks about the aggregates.

Article on Professionalism and TDD (Reprise)

ARTICLE - A remix of Bob Martin’s essay on Professionalism and TDD (Reprise) edited by Gregory Brown.

Elephant in the room - Test First, After and Beyond

PODCAST - Testing is more than TDD. There’s a whole world out there of ideas and testing strategies you can employ to grow the team’s confidence in the code. In this episode, Mathias and Konstantin talk about topics such as.

Models & Service Layers; Hemoglobin & Hogoblins | Slides
VIDEO SLIDES - There is more info in Ross Tuck’s blog

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